OK Vybe

OK Vybe - Hustle & Grind
Artist: OK Vybe
Label: Launch Code Productions
Genre: Reggae/Rap

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1. Hustle & Grind SAMPLER

About Artist

OK Vybe is comprised of Jamaican Reggae artists Gold Mynd and Mistah*D*. With combined experience of more than ten years as individual recording artists in their own rights, the two have joined forces and are being dubbed the Okanagan BC’s Dynamic Duo. Operating primarily out of Kelowna BC, OK Vybe is making sure they are heard with the release of their debut single Hustle & Grind. The smooth west coast flavoured track features local Okanagan artist Saranaedya, who sets things up with the delivery of a smooth hook and verse making way for Gold Mynd and Mistah*D* to round things off with their polished Reggae style lyrics.

Listen for many more musical artists local to the Okanagan BC region to be featured on forthcoming OK Vybe releases.

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