DJ Krucial K

DJ Krucial K
Artist: DJ Krucial K
Label: Launch Code Productions
Genre: DJ

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1. Blaze - DJ Krucial K (Pakalolo Remix)
2. Glow - DJ Krucial K (Remix)

About Artist

DJ Krucial K sets the vibe as an open format DJ and with a gift for reading a crowd. He seamlessly mixes his music live and shifts gears on the fly from world to hip hop, reggae, jazz, funk, EDM and beyond. This versatility has led him to make a name for himself through radio, nightclubs, events and concerts, opening for countless big-name artists, as well as the projects and productions he has been blessed to be a part of both live and in studio. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii he grew up in a musical family and was exposed to the many of the great musical artists of that time. This sparked his interest in performing which led to what has and will always be his lifelong passion. DJ Krucial K currently calls British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley home.

Kalani Laimana aka DJ Krucial K “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”
Professional DJ & Wedding Specialist
toll free: 855-523-5333

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DJ Krucial K - Glow Remix Blaze - DJ Krucial K remix

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